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Myra Plemmons

You made my every day! I am still in awe every day as I come down my driveway at the beautiful job you all did re-landscaping the front of my house.  Now it matches the fantastic job you did around our pool a few years ago! 


Wilson Bros is THE BEST!!!

Myra Plemmons

Forsyth, Georgia





Mike & Holly Doychack

Dear Brian,

Now that our construction project is complete, Holly and I would like to take a minute to follow up with you regarding our project which basically was a total makeover of our outside front and back area.

We would like to thank you and everyone at Wilson Bros. Landscape Design for making our construction experience a very positive one. Anytime such a big project is undertaken there is certain to be stress and a major part of the project is selecting the right contractors. Your experience proved to be invaluable in the overall scope and the results show that experience. 

Your organization and all of your people are first rate and we would not hesitate to recommend Wilson Bros. Landscape Design for anyone thinking about outside landscaping and as we did, putting in a total new yard. Your guys managed to complete our project despite many obstacles, not the least of which was the weather. Everyone maintained the highest level of professionalism throughout the whole project.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and let you know that you are certainly welcome anytime to discuss our project and if necessary show it to your prospective customers. We are very proud of our new yard, landscaping and pool area and welcome the opportunity to show it off. You are also welcome to take pictures and show it on your website. 

Please don’t hesitate to call us if we can do anything for you and again, thank you for all that you have done.


Mike and Holly Doychak
706 Euel Drive 
McDonough, GA 30252

Gerhardt Residence

Dr. Dan and Tabatha Gerhardt Residence

Hey Brian,

Just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job on our new home, again. The job you did on our first home was great as well and helped us to get top price when we sold it. As with the landscape on our first home, everything came out perfect. The pool design was spectacular and I'm glad we contacted you before breaking ground on any of the landscaping, driveways, walkways and other structures. Our builder was wondering why we didn't go with his people for the landscape. But when he saw the finished product he clearly understood why we chose to work with Wilson Bros. If somebody is looking for a unique yard, and one that is done right, then I always highly recommend you guys. What I really like about how you guys design is how everything is well though out and tied together in an orderly fashion, including the pool design, patio, fence, gates, and walkways. The specimen plants that are dotted throughout the beds are truly phenomenal. We have nice, healthy trees and shrubs, the perennials are really popping, and the lawn is nice and manageable. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the irrigation system, which is very convenient and easy to use. Most of all, though, we just really enjoyed working with you and your staff, who were friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. You can tell that they really care about the design, the plants, and the ultimate outcome. When it comes time to add another water feature, maybe a fish pond, or another outdoor structure like a pergola or something, Wilson Brothers will get the job hands down.

Take care and keep up the good work!

Dr. Dan and Tabatha Gerhardt
Fayetteville, Georgia


Pace Residence

From the very start of my backyard landscaping project, it’s been a delightful pleasure collaborating with our Wilson Bros Landscape designer, Donnie Brooks. He listened very carefully to what I wanted to create, taking note of what my favorite plants are, the theme I had chosen, and the climate conditions. He and all the other helpful folks at the nursery assisted me in selecting vigorous and healthy trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials that have given me such great joy. It was so wonderful to find so many different species of beautiful plant materials at the nursery, which were planted by their crew with great care and knowledge. Wilson Bros Landscape manifested our vision with exceptional expertise.

They also solved several of our drainage problems with the design and building of a dry creek bed that channels excess water around our home and out to the street. I was both impressed and delighted with the beautiful result.

I highly recommend Wilson Bros Landscape for any large or small landscaping project.

Linda Pace

McDonough, GA

David & Joyce Judson Residence



We have been long time customers of your establishment (you will know us from Eagles Landing Bottle Shop) and have always appreciated the service we receive with each visit to your nursery. Since relocating to Lake Dow we have also enjoyed working with Donny and the landscape and maintenance crews and are very proud of the job they've done for us. 

Recently we undertook the project of adding a swimming pool in our backyard. This project involved relocation of the septic system and the complete destruction of our entire back yard. After many weeks of looking across a field of red clay and silt fences, we can happily say that as of last week we can't wait to get home and look across our NEW lawn. We had definite preferences that we shared with Donny and were very specific about plant types and sizes that we wanted to be used in the replacement and new plantings around the house and pool.

The beautiful shrubs and trees that Donny and Stephen were able to get for us were exactly what we were looking for! We really weren't sure we'd be able to have the exact look we wanted but as the plantings went in everything fell right into place. They managed to take a construction site and give the landscape and pool a look as if it had always been there. We now have the perfect amount of privacy and beauty. Our previous entertainment area now leads into a spacious pool area that carries the same look and feel of our existing eight year old landscape flawlessly.

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you and your staff and what a great partner you have in both Donny and Stephen. It is people like them that make people like us look forward to dropping in and imagining our next project!

Again, we thank you, appreciate you, and look forward to seeing you again soon!


David and Joyce Judson


Richard Todebush


Good Morning Donnie,
I want to personnel thank you for the great job on front landscape project. Your designed based off some of the things we wanted like open the wall up and feature it., less maintenance to your idea of continuing the theme of Lawrenceville St. with the Crape Myrtles.
We have gotten many comments from our neighbors as well as people pasting by in their cars or walking by on how good it looks. I know Fred, Jim and myself are very pleased with the results and feel it has enhanced the looks and worth of Oakpark Community.
I want to thank you for coming and rolling out tire marks in the lower grass area. We are going to have to put some kind of barrier up down there to prevent feather vandelism.
I want to thank you for looking at the project after it was done and realizing that the three large crape myrtles in Mrs. Hightower's yard should have had the pine straw taken up and replaced with mulch. As you said, that area looks like part of our entrance and the pine straw was taking away from that.
What you did really makes it pop. Thank you for caring and wanting it to be right. We in Oakpark Wilson bros gift to us!
Richard Todebush



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