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If you want an instant lawn installing sod grass is the answer. 

Here in Georgia, there are several different species of sod grass, each having different qualities and requirements for sun and soil. We've been installing sod in the metro Atlanta area since the mid 1980's so can take the guesswork out of which varieties with thrive best in your yard.


The best time to install sod in the Atlanta area is during the spring, summer and early fall. That, said, we have successfully installed Bermuda and Zoysia grass during the winter months. Centipede and St. Augustine grasses should be installed mid-spring to late summer.

Top 10 Benefits of Sod

  1. With sod you can have an instant lawn!

  2. Helps prevent soil erosion

  3. Dissipates heat, moderating temperature

  4. Reduces dust and glare

  5. No more mud tracked in the house!

  6. Natural filter that reduces pollution by purifying water passing through its root zone

  7. Lower growing turf means less problems with snakes, and rodents

  8. Increases market value of your property by 5% to 10%

  9. Absorbs more rain than a seed lawn even after 3 years of growth

  10. Absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen for people to breathe

Soil Preparation

The first step that our professional sod installers take when beginning a commercial or residential sod installation project is ground preparation. Preparing the ground for sod installation includes removing any existing vegetation such as grass, moss, and weeds. Depending on the scale of the project, our sod installation contractors complete this step using sod cutters, front-end loader driven hydraulic rakes, or hand tools.



The grading step is one of the most important steps in the sod installation process as it contributes greatly to the final end result and quality of a sod installation project. Because sod will conform to any uneven dips or hills in the ground, the ground must be graded properly prior to sod installation. We use a variety of modern equipment in order to create the best results. Grading an area properly will ensure proper drainage and runoff for years to come. During this grading process, top soil may be added as needed as a base for sod or to level off certain areas.


Turf grass and Sod Installation

After the ground has been properly graded we are ready to begin the actual sod grass installation process. We use the latest sod installation equipment to complete both residential and commercial sod installation projects quickly.

Wilson Bros Landscape offers sod installation and grading services within the metro Atlanta area. We grade to perfection, add nutrients and deep soak the turf upon completion of the installation of your sod. Thereafter, all you need do is water as needed to facilitate root growth!


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