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A lush, beautiful lawn and thriving plants and trees requires a proper care program, including applicable water techniques. The pros at Wilson Bros. Landscape have been installing irrigation systems since 1989 and will assist you in developing a strategy to satisfy all your landscaping needs, including irrigation.

Our irrigation team will design and install an irrigation system that provides sufficient water retention for lawn grass and plant growth, while still allowing excess water to properly drain.

Not every area of your lawn has the same needs, therefore we will work with you in creating a customized irrigation system that meets the needs of your lawn and landscape plants. We understand the importance to match irrigation equipment with the size, shape and type of landscaping being watered. That’s why our integrated systems will focus on the uniqueness of your lawn and its water zones to ensure it receives the care and attention it requires to maintain its illustrious beauty.

When you choose Wilson Bros. Landscape you receive a partner that will not only assist you with designing and implementing a permanent watering system for the needs of your lawn, but will also have the knowledge and skill to maintain and repair your new irrigation system for years to follow. Whether your needs are minor or major, our pros are eager to assist you. Partner with a team that understands the challenges Mother Nature can sometimes bring.

Don’t get washed away by the competition, contact Wilson Bros. Landscape for all your irrigation needs.


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1759 McGarity Road
McDonough, Georgia 30252


For those of you who live close by, the Nursery is open to the public 7 days a week year round. If you have a question or comment contact us here

For those of you who'd like to work with one of Wilson Bros expert designers to achieve the landscape of your dreams visit our page here

For those of you who don't live close to the Nursery you can shop our great plants and products online at

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