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We regret to say that since the nursery and garden center has closed, Wilson Bros will not offering the Lebanon Proscape fertilizer and weed preventer products from our online store. To do so, we would have to purchase a tractor trailer load quantity of the fertilizer, and, due to the high costs to ship 40 and 50 pound bags, we just don't sell enough of the products in our online store to make this possible.

For those who were on one of the DIY Lawn Care Programs for so many years, including ourselves, what to do? 

Because our garden center was the only retailer in the United States who offered the Lebanon Proscape turf care products we are unable to refer another source. That said, we've given a lot of thought about alternatives and the best we've come up with is to find similar products by other brands for each step of the programs.


The only places we know of that offer these types of products at their land-based stores are Home Depot, who offers Scott's and Vigoro products, Lowes who offers Sta-Green & Scott's products, and perhaps Ace, True Value, and other local home and hardware stores.


Here's our suggestions...


Steps 1 & 5


To accomplish steps 1 and 5 on the DIY Lawn Care Programs, which is the application of a lawn crabgrass and weed prevention product without fertilizer, here is a list of alternative products and suppliers...


Ace Hardware: 


Hi-Yield Granules Crabgrass Killer 35 LB

Home Depot:


Lesco 50 lb. Crabgrass Control 0-0-7

GreenView 36 lb. Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed and Feed and Crabgrass Preventer

Preen 18 lbs. Lawn Weed Control Plus Crabgrass Preventer


Vigoro 5,000 sq. ft. Crabgrass Preventer



Sunniland 50-lb (20,000-sq ft) Crabgrass Preventer


Green Light 10 Lb. Amaze Grass and Weed  Preventer


10-lb Crabgrass Preventer, Sta-Green 15-lb Crabgrass Preventer 



Steps 2 and 4


To accomplish steps 2 and 4 on the DIY Lawn Care Programs, which is the application of a fertilizer and weed prevention combination product, the objective will be to find fertilizers with the same or similar 3 numbers as were the fertilizers on the DIY Lawn Care Program that also contain a weed preventer. Both Scotts and Sta-Green offer these combination products. You might also find these or other products at Ace, True Value or other local home and hardware stores. 

Step 3


To accomplish step 3 on the DIY Lawn Care Programs, which is the application of a fertilizer-only product with no weed preventer, apply a fertilizer product that has similar or the same 3 numbers.

Note: Keep in mind that other products may have different coverage rates. Always follow application instructions on the product label. 

For your convenience, we've left the DIY Programs on this site for your reference


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