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The garden center has been closed



Fellow Gardeners & Friends,

First, for those of you who've heard that Wilson Bros is "going out of business," we want to say that this is simply not true. Though the garden center in McDonough will not be reopening in spring of 2019, we will continue to offer the largest variety ever of plants and trees to both local customers and throughout the continental United States through our online store. You can shop over 1,400 varieties (and growing) of our plants online at and there's FREE DELIVERY on anything and everything you order!

With the closing of the garden center, we’ve been receiving a lot of emails and phone calls from folks with questions regarding where to buy certain exclusive products we carried at the garden center,  such as the Lebanon Proscape fertilizers and weed preventers for the DIY Lawn Care Programs. Below is a list of frequently asked questions we hope will help provide answers.


Is Wilson Bros going out of business?

No, as mentioned above, Wilson Bros is not going out of business! There have been three components to Wilson Bros: the Nursery and Garden Center, the Landscaping Services, and our Online Store., our online store, will continue as usual to offer and ship a wider-than-ever selection of plants and trees. For example, whereas we offered around 30 varieties of Camellias at the garden center, we now offer around 150 Camellia varieties in the online store. 

Wilson Bros Landscape will continue to provide its design and installation services as usual to those in the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas.


Will the Garden Center reopen in spring 2019?


​Due to not having not found the highly skilled and knowledgeable management personnel necessary to continue to run the operations of the open-to-the-public garden center, we regret to say it will not be reopening full-time in spring of 2019. That said, as mentioned above, we are happy to say that the nursery and staff are still there and we are offering a wider-than-ever variety of plants and trees to both local customers and those throughout the continental United States from our online store: Orders placed by local customers will be shipped at no charge by our trucks or UPS. 


Also, local customers will be happy to know that we plan to reopen the nursery from time to time for overstock sales and such and will announce when we plan to do so through our newsletter. To get these special announcements you can sign up for our newsletter here.  


Will local customers be able to pick up online orders?


At this time we are brainstorming and working on a way to allow local customers to pick up online orders at the nursery in McDonough, GA. Until we do so, depending on order size, all online orders of plants from local customers will be delivered at no charge by either our trucks or UPS. That said, as soon as we figure out the best way for pick-up orders we’ll put the word out in our email newsletter.


Where can I buy the fertilizers on the DIY Lawn Care Program?

We regret to say that since the nursery and garden center is closed until further notice, Wilson Bros will no longer be offering the Lebanon Proscape fertilizer and weed preventer products at the garden center or from our online store. In order to offer them in our online store we would have to purchase a tractor trailer load quantity of the fertilizer, and due to the high costs to ship 40 and 50 pound bags we just don't sell enough of the products in our online store to make this possible.

What to do?

Because our garden center was the only retailer in the United States who offered the Lebanon Proscape turf care products we are unable to refer another source. That said, we've given a lot of thought about alternatives and the best we've come up with is to find similar lawn fertilizer and weed control products made by other companies for each step of the programs. Click here for our suggestions


Where can I buy bulk mulch products?


Milams Tree Service (On Hwy 81 not too far from the nursery)

American Stone (Stockbridge)

Peachtree City Mulch Sales

Fieldstone Center  (Covington)



How can you get our knowledge and advice?

In, you'll also find a huge database of helpful advice and "How-To" articles written by Brent & Brooks Wilson and other experts. To search the Advice Articles you can use the lower search box at the top-center of every page on the website (outlined in red below). For example, if you want to find articles having to do with planting and caring for Azaleas just type the word "azalea" in the Advice search box and a list of relevant articles will appear.



If you want to search for plants and know what you're looking for you can just type the name or the type of plant in the Search PLANTS box, outlined in red above. For example, if you want to see all the camellia varieties we have in stock just type the word "camellia" in the Plants Search and it will show you all of the varieties we offer. If you want to browse our plants by category you can click on the Plants & Trees tab in our navigation bar, highlighted in yellow above.


Where can I buy Nitroganic Fertilizer?


Swint's Feed & Garden  (252 North Main St., Jonesboro, GA - (770) 478-7034


Other ways to contact us with your questions

If you can't find the answer to your question in, feel free to contact us by email at or by using the contact us form on the website.


You can also ask questions about a specific plant on any plant page in the online store. Simply click on the "Questions about this item? Ask Here >" link found just to the right of the main plant picture.


We answer questions with 1 business day.


Need help placing an online order?

If you need help placing an order call (770) 573-1778. Please leave a message if none of our representatives are available to take your call and we will get back to you ASAP!

Get this week's


Need help with a landscape design or installation?

Brian Wilson and the rest of the staff at Wilson Bros. Landscape offer a unique approach to landscape design/build that offers our residential and commercial clients the opportunity to work directly with one of our master designers to create a customized design using plants, trees, lawn grasses and outdoor living structures that fit perfectly in the Georgia environment. We also provide professional installation on any project that's been designed by your own Landscape Architect. No project is too big or small!

Call for Appointment

(678) 809-6377


About Wilson Bros

Founded in 1989 by master nurserymen and twin brothers Brooks and Brent Wilson, Wilson Bros Gardens brings you awesome every day! It is our goal to blow you away with a great selection of the most exciting new and old-favorite plants and trees and with all the information you need to grow them like the pros! 

You can count on Wilson Bros for...



The Plants you want

Wilson Bros Gardens brings you awesome every day! It is our goal to blow you away with a great selection of the most exciting new and old-favorite plants and trees that have demonstrated outstanding qualities and exceptional performance in landscapes and gardens.

Since 1989, we have offered and shipped only the highest quality, retail nursery-grade plants on the market to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. 

Knowledge you can trust

We at Wilson Bros Gardens pride ourselves on our knowledge of plants and everything landscaping and gardening. On every plant page in the store you'll find detailed planting and care instructions and other plant details and attributes provided by our staff of horticultural experts.

Real pictures


The plant pictures you find on are not doctored to entice you to buy. What you see is what you get. That said, because digital cameras are known to distort colors in various types of lighting situations, we sometimes slightly adjust coloration to provide you with a more accurate representation of flower and/or foliage colors.



Safe shipping


Not only have we built our reputation on shipping the highest quality plants, we take great care to gently pack and secure every plant we ship using the highest level of packaging products and methods available to ensure your plants arrive safely and in good condition - GUARANTEED!



Satisfaction guaranteed


If in the rare event your plants were damaged during transit, or you are not satisfied with the quality of the plants, please call or contact us within 24 hours upon having received your order, and upon emailed photo verification, we'll be happy to replace the plants, refund your order, or do whatever is necessary to make you a happy, satisfied customer!

Plant Long & Prosper!

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